China Virtual Office and Company Formation

All You Need To Know For a Successful China Company Formation

The most important aspect of company formation in China is to have an efficient process to manage the business in China. To have a China company formation on a defaulted foundation can cost you greatly. You must understand the importance of acquiring the correct licenses and permits for your business, in the absence of which can result in the dissolution of your business. To avoid such a fatal blow, make sure that you have acquired necessary approvals, certificates and licenses so that your business doesn’t collapse, continues to grow and becomes successful.

Complete foreign company ownership is allowed under China laws. But, such ownerships are heavily scrutinized, regulated and limits its activities. Initial capital investment by a foreigner to establish a company in Chine is deliberated by the firm’s location and operations.

How To Obtain A Business License In China?

In order to acquire a business license in China, you must obtain an application form so that you can get a registration certification. You must have the following mentioned documents to complete the registration.

  1. A lease or any other equivalent document to verify proof of your office address
  2. A notice of approval, which states your company name
  3. An appraisal report or capital verification certificate
  4. Representation authorization documents
  5. ID documents of the management, officers and stakeholders as well.
  6. Articles of association acquired by each shareholder
  7. IDs and appointment letter of your company’s legal representative
  8. IDs and employment letters of the company’s Director, officers and supervisors.
  9. Other documents may be required depending on the issuing authorities.

Quality and Bureau Code Certificate

It is imperative that you apply for your company’s organization code certificate. This needs to be done in a period of thirty days immediately after obtaining your business certificate. The application form for requisite quality accreditation must be duly filed with the Shanghai Organization Code Management Centre. They come under the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau. Other sustaining documents include a copy of the legal representative’s identity card and the original and photocopy of the business license.

State and Local Tax Registration

Since 2004, the procedure for tax registration and filing has become easier. There are two tax regulatory authorities existing today in China, one is the Local Taxation Bureau and the other is the State Taxation Bureau. It is essential for every business owner or founder of a China company formation to file tax registration just once to any of these two regulatory bodies. The stipulated time limit is only 30 days from the date you received your registration application. Next comes the approval of the authorities, after which you can make your company seal.

Irrespective of the type or nature of a business, all shareholders in a China company formation or China virtual office must be individual investors, only then the registration file will have a duplicate business license. Once the registration is approved, you will receive a notification, which will make your business or China virtual office a limited liability company. In addition, you must take care of fee payment settlement for the code certificate of your organization.